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A 10-Step carefree buying plan with Koning

Koning Aankoopmakelaars is specialised in the purchase of houses in the Utrecht region. Our personal approach guarantees a pleasant and successful buying process. This personal approach gives you a headstart on other buyers and any stress disappears.

Read the 10 steps leading to your dream home.

Our working method

Together we take the 10 steps leading to your dream

  • No-obligation consultationWe will start with a no-obligation consultation. Not just to discuss your wishes and any options, but also to get to know each other. A good fit is half the battle!
  • Receiving offers before FundaYou have decided to engage us? We will see to it that you are the first to receive the latest offers in your mailbox. Tuned to your housing wishes and even before the house is listed on Funda, so you have a headstart compared to competitors.
  • Scheduling a viewingFound a house you like? Drop us a line. We will directly contact the selling agent to discuss the options and schedule a viewing. Thanks to the short communication lines in our network, you will never miss a viewing.
  • Viewing a houseWe will always accompany you to the viewings, so we can immediately answer any questions you may have. We examine the structural condition; assess any advantages and disadvantages as well as renovation/development potential.
  • Determining the bid strategyFallen in love with a house? Then we will do our utmost to come up with a winning bid that fits your budget. We establish the market value, assess your competitive position and make a market analysis.
  • NegotiatingYou also leave the negotiations with the selling agent to us. We are well-seasoned buyer’s agents: negotiating is in our veins. Meanwhile, we keep you informed all the time, so the bid and the conditions are perfectly in line with your wishes and possibilities.
  • Valuating, arranging for inspection and financingWe arrange the valuation and a building inspection if necessary. This is a quick, easy and affordable process, because we have close relationships with valuation experts and building experts. You are looking for a good financial adviser? Many of them form part of our network.
  • Signing the purchase contractYour personal buyer’s real estate agent checks the preliminary purchase contract and any other documents, so you can rest assured that everything is all right and you will not be confronted with any surprises. We discuss this at our office, where all the necessary documents will be signed as well. Subsequently, we will deal with all the paper work with the selling agent.
  • Arranging a civil-law notaryKoning Aankoopmakelaars will help you find a good and affordable notary. We will then arrange everything necessary for the transfer of the property at the notary’s office. The only things you need to arrange with the notary are your personal matters and the financial matters.
  • Inspection and transfer of ownershipThe moment you have been waiting for! The day the keys of your dream home will be handed to you. Of course, we will be present on this day. We accompany you during the inspection of the house to see if everything is still as it should be and we record the meter readings. If you like, we will also be present when you sign the deeds at the notary. We can then directly congratulate you on your fantastic purchase!

“John en zijn team hebben goed geholpen in de zoektocht naar een woning in Utrecht. Snel schakelen, pragmatisch, eerlijk en kennen de markt. Erg fijn en zeker een aanrader!”

Jesper van der Vliet, 2020

Like to schedule a voluntary meeting or want to receive more information?

During a voluntary meeting, we can discuss your housing needs. This is also a nice opportunity to get to know each other as well.

030 4100 900Bereikbaar van 09:00 tot 21:00 uur

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